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Mitutoyo Corporate Philosophy

Company Name

The Japanese company name Mitutoyo roughly translatable as “abundance of three elements” stands for prudence, bonhomie and strength, the attitudes so highly esteemed by the company’s founder, Mr Yehan Numata.

These central concepts of Yehan Numata’s thinking were complemented by aspects of western philosophy that he encountered while studying business sciences in the USA.

According to Yehan Numata, son of an esteemed Japanese temple priest, human beings should possess three qualities: sensibility, good-naturedness and strength. Sensibility he interpreted as the capacity for accurate observation, good-naturedness as compassion and benevolence towards your next while strength was necessary to effectively fulfil correctly identified requirements.

These three indispensable human traits were also established as basics for his business philosophy converted into readiness for innovation, general fairness and orientation towards the future - three virtues crucial for doing good as a human being and achieving success in business.

The number three, in Japanese pronounced “Mitu” or “Mitsu” is of importance in Japanese culture and religion, for example with regards to the enumeration of religious elements.

This also explains why quite a few company names include the syllables “Mitu” – just like in the name Mitutoyo.

The Mitutoyo Philosophy

The Mitutoyo Corporate Philosophy is essentially the perpetual 'core values' that our organization and employees shall uphold. It unites all the Mitutoyo Companies and their employees throughout the world in a common understanding and commitment.

Mitutoyo Philosophy

Founder Spirit

• To contribute to people’s welfare through support of the advancement of Buddhist
• To see that Mitutoyo excels in its field of expertise and in its business conduct
throughout the world.

Management Principles

To contribute to the wellbeing of society through precision measurement technologies.
We shall conduct our business based on the following values to:

• Provide solution engineering to support our client business development.
• Contribute globally to the advancement of industrial measurement capability.
• Cultivate healthy relationships and common prosperity with trading partners.
• Support and promote global peace, human happiness and harmony with the environment.
• Apply business practices that reflect the integrity of Mitutoyo and our world-leading brand.
• Nurture a vibrant corporate culture that inspires a passion in our personnel to do their best, to be the best.


'Good environment, good people, good technique'

Guiding Principles

'Sincerity, thoughtfulness, determined spirit'

Mitutoyo Group Ethical Conduct Code

Mitutoyo South Asia Pvt. Ltd., hereinafter to as MSA, Ethical Conduct Code sets forth ethical criteria of judgment and conduct that all executives and employees at MSA must observe in every aspect of corporate activities. We at MSA will conduct ourselves in a manner which complies with the Ethical Conduct Code and choose the ethical way without exception whenever a business decision involves a conflict between profit and ethics.

Download You can download a full copy of our Ethical Code of Conduct by Clicking Here (PDF - 71kb)

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