Mitutoyo South Asia Pvt. Ltd. (MSA) has a service system that uses specialized technology and support systems to allow the quickest possible service and the restoration of measuring equipment to top condition. MSA offers two modes of repair and maintenance services to our customers.
( “M Cube ” = Mitutoyo, Measurement, Metrology )
Mitutoyo South Asia Pvt. Ltd. (MSA) M Cube solution centers are specifically designed to address the measurement related challenges from customers. Here, effective solutions to out of the ordinary requirements can be found through the company’s products, in combination with consultations with MSA’s metrology experts. At the M Cube Solution center visitors can view actual products, acquaint themselves with some of our technological capabilities and consult our sales staff. If they so desire, customers can be presented with concrete solutions plans through coordination with Mitutoyo’s technical staff. By providing M Cube Solution centers across various locations in India and by having NABL certified technicians, MSA is in a position to best answer customers, issues relating to advanced measurement. Please visit any of our M Cube solution centers located conveniently at NCR Region, Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai & Ahmedabad for any of your metrology needs.

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Mitutoyo South Asia Pvt. Ltd. (MSA) has a service system that uses specialized technology and support systems to allow the quickest possible service and the restoration of measuring equipment to top condition. MSA offers two modes of repair and maintenance services to our customers
In-House Repair
All small tools repair is done at our service center in New Delhi. Customers may choose to mail in their product at our New Delhi service center or hand deliver the instrument in need of repair at our premises. When sending your instrument for repair by mail, please address the package to our New Delhi Head Office, providing with your contact details, email id, phone number, and a brief description of the problem. Upon evaluation of the problem, one of our service engineers will contact you with your repair estimate.

On- Site Installations, Repair and Calibration
MSA provides On-site installations, repair and calibration for Coordinate Measuring Machines and other Mitutoyo precision measuring equipment. Our engineers are highly skilled and trained domestically and overseas to bring to you the best in service quality. The training program they undergo provides them with the ability to assess the equipment condition, determine the cause of problems and fix them in an effective and timely manner.

Maintenance contracts
Precision equipments such as the CMM, Vision measuring machines, etc. should be inspected regularly (at least once a year) to ensure accuracy and to reduce the risk of a breakdown. MSA offers its customers “Annual Maintenance contracts” on its CMM’s and other precision machines. These contracts provide priority planning and cost controls to our customers. Please contact your local MSA office for more details.


High accuracy measurements can only be achieved if the instrument is periodically calibrated using traceable standards. Mitutoyo South Asia Pvt. Ltd. (MSA) standards are traceable to national NPL (India) and international standards such as NMIJ/JCSS in Japan or NIST/A2LA in USA.

MSA provides a calibration service in our calibration laboratory which has NABL accreditation according to the international standard ISO/IEC 17025:2017. Our service engineers are certified by NABL and are able to issue calibration certifications with the NABL logo to ensure the traceability to national/international standards. Furthermore, our CMC (Calibration Measurement Capability) in dimensional measurement is recognized as the finest of its kind in South Asia.

Through MSA’s calibration services, customers can be rest assured that they will be getting the best in calibration services, traceable to national/international standards.

    MSA offers two types of calibration services:

  • MSA calibration inbound
    • Slip Gauge Set
    • Calipers / Caliper gauge
    • Gauge Block Comparator
    • Height Gauge and Height Master
    • Dial Calibration Tester
    • Caliper Checker / Check Master
    • Mu- Checker
    • Digimatic Head
    • Comparator Stand
    • Foils
    • Precision Level
    • Radius Gauge
    • Ring Gauge (setting Ring)
    • Thread Pitch Gauge Metric
    • Thread Pitch Gauge Whitworth screw
    • Diamond Indicator/Indentor (Hardness)
    • Gear Tooth micrometer
    • L-Square/Square Master
    • Line of Junction (Indentor)
    • Linear Scale (Sm Scale)
    • Linear Scale (Glass Scale/Glass)
    • Linear Scale (Grid magnification standard)
    • Linear Scale (X-axis master)
    • Linear Scale (QV Glass Scale)
    • linear Scale (Stage Micrometer)
    • Optical Measuring
    • Screw Thread Micrometer
    • Tip Radius of curvature (Indenter)
    • Durometer
    • Hardmatic Rebound type Portable Hardness Tester
    • Coating Thickness Gauge
    • Thickness Gauge
    • Dial Gauge (plunger / lever) up to 100mm
    • Bore Gauge
    • Linear Gauge up to 100mm
    • Bevel Protractor
    • Ext/Int Micrometer-upto 2000mm
    • Feeler Gauge
    • Depth Micrometer / Caliper
    • Surface Roughness Tester
    • Standard Bar
    • Surface Roughness Speciman
    • V-Anvil Micrometer
    • Hardness Testing Machine in Vickers / Rockwell
    • Linear Height Gauge(2D)–L.C: 0.0001mm
    • Force Verification in Vickers
  • On site NABL accredited service Calibration
    • Microscope
    • Contour Measuring Machines
    • Profile Projector
    • Linear Height Gauge (2D) – L.C: 0.0001mm
    • Quick Scope / Vision
    • Hardness Testing Machine in Vickers / Rockwell
    • Surface Roughness Testers
    • Hardmatic Rebound type (Portable Hardness Tester)
    • Hardness Testing Machine in Rockwell HR15YW
    • Force Verification in Vickers
    • Surface Roughness Specimen
    • Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)
    • Roundness Testing Machines
    • Gauge Block Comparator
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