Mitutoyo Corporation

The clear and uncompromising goal to provide the best quality product and value available anywhere has driven Mitutoyo, from humble beginnings in 1934, to become the premier supplier of metrology equipment in the world.

Including development, production and sales the company operates in more than 100 countries. In Japan alone, Mitutoyo operates two development sites,10 production facilities, two metrology institutes, five calibration laboratories,
seven service centres and seven M³ Solution Centers in addition to the Kawasaki headquarters and sales offices.

Internationally, the Mitutoyo Group has a major presence in almost 40 countries, maintaining more than 80 branch offices and national distributor networks, 65 M³ Solution Centers, 17 production sites, six research and development
laboratories, 12 metrological institutes and 20 calibration laboratories. Additionally, there are Mitutoyo representatives in approximately 60 other countries.

This extensive worldwide infrastructure means that our customers enjoy the assurance of local support and worldwide technical advice and logistical backup to keep their vital measuring equipment in effective and profitable operation
with the minimum of downtime, wherever they are. This is especially important for our multinational customers who need the same level of support for their partners and suppliers in foreign countries as they receive from Mitutoyo

Message from the President

I would like to start by thanking you wholeheartedly for using Mitutoyo products. Since its establishment in 1934, Mitutoyo has been offering measuring tools such as micrometers and calipers, and system instrument products
such as coordinate measuring instruments, form measurement instruments, and optical measuring instruments, to markets around the world under the motto of “Quality First”, and the company’s products have since then been in
demand and used by customers everywhere.

In recent years, we have not only pursued the development of nanotechnology but also responded to the diversifying needs of industry and cooperated in the promotion of IoT and automated technologies. With the measurement
technologies we have built up over many years, we actively provide solutions to improve our customers’ productivity.
Mitutoyo will continue in its role as a world-leading company devoted to the untiring pursuit of leading technologies, providing not just measuring tools but also measurement-related technologies.

Mr. Yoshiaki Numata

President, Mitutoyo Corporation