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Product brochures contain the essential technical detail you need to make informed decisions on any particular product. Simply click on a title to download a PDF copy of that brochure. If you would like a hard copy of a brochure, technical advice on any product or a demonstration then please contact us. We're always happy to help!

M1-M12 CMM (1.37 MB)

N1-N10 Vision (1.11 MB)

K1-K19 Form (2.71 MB)
K20-K37 Form (2 MB)
K38-K54 Form (3.74 MB)

J1-J15 Optical (1.76 MB)
J16-J27 Optical (2.86 MB)
J28-J42 Optical (1.88 MB)

G1-G23 Sensor (3.54 MB)
G24-G36 Sensor (1.52 MB)

L1-L14 Hardness Testor (1.19 MB)

H1-H20 Scale (2.08 MB)

B1-B31 Micrometer (5.05 MB)
B32-B50 Micrometer (2.31 MB)
B51-B72 Micrometer (2.96 MB)
E1-E27 Gage Block (2.13 MB)
E28-E46 Gage Block (2.04 MB)
D1-D32 Caliper (6.5 MB)
D33-D56 Caliper (4.44 MB)
C1-C30 Measurement (3.79 MB)
F1-F21 Indicator (4.91 MB)
F22-F43 Indicator (5.16 MB)
F44-F53 Indicator (2.72 MB)
F54-F66 Indicator (2.32 MB)

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